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Because sometimes, it just isn't enough.
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Pretty Please?

I swear I can give my heart to you, Keima. Marry me~!!!! XD
Even though I know he'll play with my heart, it will be worth it. To make my heart feel all these fluffy emotions from what he's saying~♥ Well, he won't really play around if it's not for the Goddesses anyway. So I guess we can have a pretty normal relationship.
/delusional. Huhu, why isn't there any Real-Life Keima in this world?

Or at least a Real-Life Shou-chan? :'< None? What is with this real world~~~~?!
/corner of woe.

BAKUMANCollapse )

KHR :DCollapse )
2nd-Jul-2011 12:05 pm - ~two~ Oh Bakuman♥
Eiji is judging you
I've finished watching the anime, at last :) It's actually pretty... okay. The anime's quality isn't that good, though. There's not much fluidity >///<.

But I loved how they approached the story.Collapse )


♥ On other news, Katekyo is so ghei I can't even. Tsuna is cooler than ever though :3 Dude, you're so manly excluding the fact that you're now married to Enma of course all of a sudden ♥.♥ I need more Mukurowl x Reborn though, for the lulz XD
♥ I want Shiori's arc in KamiNomi to end already *___* She thinks so much and... there's so little action. I don't like it when Keima doesn't get to be all ~Capturing God~. My heart went all Dokidoki over what he said though *___* I think I'm still in love with Keima, after all♥
♥ AHHHH the Bakuman manga OwO It's so amazing how the story is going~ (JUST don't be a draw because T__T Damn that would not be good).
♥ The Fukuda x Aoki community is so amazing~ :3 THIS post is just full of lovely awesome things ♥___♥ Especially the doujinshis! Omg My soul *o*
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