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Good day!
This is Aoi♥ (or actually, simply yatsuiko_chan's alter ego).
This account was made because:
a.) I need A Brand New Breeze (Because yes, it's a very valid reason).
b.) Anime / Manga fandom needs its own journal.
c.) My love for Bakuman and Katekyo Hitman Reborn overflows every time something awesome happens in the manga.
d.) Haruhi-sama is not happy with all the hate.
e.) My Jpop fandom needs to get its act together. I still love it though.

My username comes from: "Nakamura Aoi", "Aoi Hyuuga", "Aoi of Kaichou wa Maid-sama" and "Miyazaki Aoi" just because I love them.

aoiaoidesu is a secondary journal / non-main journal. I'll use it when I want to. It's my Summer Beach house, or something.
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