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Title: Conflict in Denliner [1/2]
Fandom: Kamen Rider Den-O, Kamen Rider Kiva, Kamen Rider OOO, Kamen Rider Fourze, Kamen Rider Wizard, Tokumei Sentai Gobusters
Pairings: YuutoAiri, WataruHana, EijiHina, SatonakaGotou, KengoYuki, TomoRyusei, GenNade, KoyomiHaruto, NakamuraMorishita, ShikiHiromu :3
Summary: Airi makes a Kamen Rider Party to meet all the people who has helped her Ryou-chan and thank them. Things happen, resulting in an overpopulated party with lots of unexpected guests.
- For Shiki, srry for being one million years late ;w;

Ryuutaros stared at the passing sands of time as a quiet tune of Jingle Bells played at the background. Naomi was humming along as she prepared their coffees. Kintaros was, as usual, sleeping at his booth. Momotaros was fighting with Hana as they argued about who will buy Ryoutaro's gift. Urataros was trying to pacify them both, but ended up being punched by Hana.

The door opened, revealing Deneb who was wearing a Santa Claus outfit. "Good day!" He strode in, placing his big red bag on top of his usual table. "Merry Christmas!"

"Wai~ Wai~ It's Santaaaa!" Ryuutaros immediately jumped up and went to Deneb's side. "Santa!"

"Ryuuta, Santa-san isn't real." Urataros patted him on the head and peeked at Deneb's bag. "What's that, Odebu-chan?"

"It's Deneb." Deneb promptly cut in before opening his bag. "It's a bag of sweets for everyone! Christmas gift from Yuuto."

Hana stopped fighting with Momo and walked over, looking at the bunch of plastics with numerous sweets inside. "Yuu- 'tou-san asked you to give this to us?" She blinked at him, voice showing curiousness and eyes showing a certain sparkle.

Deneb seemed to understand her tone as he took one particularly extravagant box of sweets and gave it to her. "This one's for Hana-chan." He sounded really happy and proud. "He said he and Airi-san will come here to pick you up. There's a Christmas party at the Milk Dipper."

A huge grin appeared on her face as she took the box and places it under the Christmas tree at the corner. She was obviously looking forward to it.

"I wanna go too! I wanna go too!" Ryuu raised one hand and jumped up and down.

"Airi-san said we should all come." Deneb replied happily.

"Eh? Really?" Naomi looked extremely pleased as she placed the coffees in front of the imagins. "I'm excited!"

"Nee-chan wants me to go! Wai, wai~!" Ryuu ran around, excitement obvious in his tone.

"She wants everyone to go, stupid." Momo hit the youngest imagin on the head.

"Momo is stupid!" Ryuu stomped on his foot and ran away.


Wataru fixed his shirt, staring at the full-body mirror. He was nervous. Really nervous. His classmate, one of his closest friends, asked him to attend a Christmas party with her. It would be his first time going to a party other than the ones at his usual cafe.

"You look too nervous, Wataru! Perk up!" Kivat flew around him, patting his shoulder as he did so.

"B-but Hana-san..." Wataru pouted as he sat down beside the table filled with violin parts. "I don't want Hana-san's parents to have a bad impression."

Kivat perched himself on the line where the violins were being hung. With a sigh, he flapped his wings in annoyance. "You'll be okay! As long as that Sakurai Yuuto doesn't corner you..."

Wataru shivered. "I- I hope Sakurai-san would be busy."


"Did you get that invite from Kotarou-san?" Hina glanced at the envelope in Eiji's hands. "They're the other Kamen Riders, right?"

Eiji shook his head, sporting a confused look on his face. "I received this from the imagins, not Kotarou-san. They said they'll be picking us up for the Christmas Party." He frowned. "Chiyoko-san is planning a Christmas party too, right?"

Hina sat beside him and took the invitation from his hands, reading through it. "We should go. Chiyoko-san is overseas now so Cous Coussier will be closed." She smiled widely at him. "You want to meet them again, right? Gentarou-san and the others?"

Smiling as well, Eiji nodded. "I want to meet them!"

"Then, shall we bring something for them?" She stood up to look at the ingredients in the refrigerator. "We could cook up something for them."

"Ah! That's a good idea, Hina-chan!" Eiji followed after her, helping her take the vegetables to the table. "We should go shopping too for gifts, ne?"

Hina looked at the ceiling, as if trying to remember something. "I still need to buy a gift for Satonaka-san and Gotou-san..."

"You've bought a gift for your brother already?" He asked, smiling knowingly.

She blushed a bit when she answered. "I got a bit excited and bought him a gift early... and I bought one for Eiji-kun already too." She focused her eyes on the ingredients she was taking.

"Eh? For me?" His eyes were positively shining. "Thank you, Hina-chan! I've bought a gift for you too. Let's shop for the others' gifts later together?"

She blinked and continued sorting through the vegetables. "T-thank you. Let's do that."


Frankly speaking, Gentarou was too busy to go to the party. He hasn't bought presents for all his students, for all his friends, and for Nadeshiko. He had to grade tests too and somehow compute the grades of his class. He had to prepare for a teacher seminar for the start of the next year. He was extremely, extremely busy.

But if there's anything about Gentarou that can never be changed, it's that whenever a friend calls for him, he will surely answer. Since Eiji invited him to this Kamen Rider party, he had to somehow find the time to go. Besides, Kengo, Yuki, Nadeshiko, Tomoko and Ryusei all agreed to tag along. He can't let them down.

And so, he goes to the nearest mall to buy gifts for his friends and for his girlfriend.

On his way to a certain trinket shop, he bumped into Haruto and Koyomi who were about to enter a certain clothing store. "Oh! Wizard-kun!" Gentarou was extremely meet his new friend again. "Koyomi-chan, nice to see you again. Are you on a date?" His eyes were wide with curiosity.

Koyomi blinked innocently as Haruto shrugged, neither of them answering.

"Eh, eh~" Gentarou wondered if he should pry, but decided against it, thinking of a better idea. "Ah, Haruto-kun, we have a Kamen Rider Party with some of the older Riders. Do you want to join us? Maybe we could help you improve your skills and help you with the phantoms."

"Hmm," He looked at Koyomi as if asking with his eyes.

"Wajima-san is going to the province tonight. He'll go home tomorrow. Rinko-san has a work christmas party and Shunpei is with his family." Koyomi explained flatly.

He smiled at her for a second, conveying something Gentarou didn't understand, before looking back. "We could go. Where is it?"

There was a huge grin on Gentarou's face as he showed them a thumbs up. "Don't worry! We'll fetch you later at 5 in front of your house!" He patted Haruto on the back. "Have fun on your date!"

Haruto chuckled as Koyomi pouted visibly. "Let's go?" He pulled her arm and they both went inside the clothing shop they always go to. "Let's choose a dress for later, ne?"

"Okay..." Koyomi was still pouting as she looked around. The jackets caught her eyes, but she looked away immediately. She would have to find a way to buy something for him without him noticing. "Let's go." She said quietly as she steered her away from the men's clothes.


Yuki sat in front of Kengo's desk, pouting as she noticed him still typing on his laptop. "Kengo-kun, you have to get ready for the party!" She crossed her arms in front of her chest, tone showing obvious frustration.

"I'm okay like this." He shrugged, not even looking up from typing. He had a paper to pass at the start of the year so he wanted to finish it soon. It's not like he wanted to go to this party, anyway. He was just being forced by everyone.

"Just because you're a scientist, doesn't mean you can slack off." The door opened to reveal a tired looking Miu. She staggered over to the seat beside Yuuki and took out a energy drink from her pouch. "Look at me, I still look glamorous even when I'm so tired." She motioned to herself proudly. Then, with a smirk, she motioned towards Yuki. "Can't you see how pretty Yuki looks? She's an internationally acclaimed person in her field, and she does lots of work, and yet she still looks so pretty!"

Kengo sighed and looked up at her. "Are you saying I look hideous, Ms. Model?"

"I'm saying I want to burn that sweater, Mister." Miu simply answered, eyebrow raised. "What if someone else comes and tries to woo Yuuki-chan? She's smart and pretty, right?"

That statement elicited a reaction, as expected. Kengo frowned and glanced at Yuuki. Not knowing what to say, he kept quiet. He clenched his fist before going back to typing. Miu knew exactly what was going on in his mind.

Yuki, seeing the annoyance on his face, walked to his side and sat beside him, gently placing a hand on his arm. "I won't ever leave Kengo-kun, so don't worry about that." She smiled brightly. "Kengo-kun is great as he is now."

Kengo looked surprised as he looked at her calm expression. Then, as if catching himself, he said, "I wasn't worried about that." Stopping from what he was doing, he stood up and sighed. "But I guess I do need to change."

Miu smiled triumphantly. "I bought a Christmas gift for the two of you. Since I won't be going to that party, I thought I'd give it to you now." She put two paper bags on top of the table, revealing a pair of matching clothes for them to wear. As expected, they looked fashionable and comfortable. A famous model's choice.

"Thank you, senpai!" Yuki looked excited as she took the gift.

"Thanks." Kengo nodded as he took his.

"Those would look good on the two of you." Miu giggled. "Now go! I have to go back to the company for the Christmas Party so just tell the others I greeted them."

Yuki nodded immediately. "Say our greetings to Shun-senpai and JK too!"


Ryusei watched from the side, sitting on the couch with his legs on top of the table, as Tomoko continued writing for her next novel. She's been quiet for a while now. Only the sound of the pen on the paper could be heard. He refuses to speak, of course, since she's focusing too much and she needs that silence. But then... He stared at the wall clock and sighed. She hasn't slept for a whole day, refusing to rest until she's finished her manuscript.

"Maybe we shouldn't attend the party after all." He muttered, tone showing extreme worry.

She stopped writing and glanced at him. No, not just glance. Glared. She looked tired and annoyed. It almost looked like she was back to being High School Goth Tomoko, the bags under her eyes looking like eyeliner. "We will go with Gentarou-san and that is final."

He sighed. There was no fighting her when she's like this. Stubborn and extremely pissed off. He knew she wanted to meet up with everyone. This Christmas party was supposed to be her break. That's why she's working so hard to finish it before Gentarou fetches them. "Fine." He replied helplessly. He wanted her to sleep and rest, really. She's been working too hard lately. And it's not like he's been here to take care of her. He's been going from one mission to another constantly.

The door bell rang at exactly 4:45 PM. Ryusei stood up and went to the door, opening it slowly. Tomoko was almost finished with the manuscript so utter silence was needed. "Gentarou." He stepped outside and closed the door behind him. "Let's just wait for her here. Tomoko-chan will be finished in a few minutes."

Gentarou smiled, understanding Tomoko's troubles. They've been in touch and he knew how hard it was for Tomoko to finish her manuscripts. "Why don't we wait inside the train?"

"T-train?" Ryusei looked ahead and saw exactly that. A huge train coming from the middle of nowhere. "I-is this-"

"Yup!" Gentarou had a wide grin, as if this wasn't shocking at all and just completely normal. "They're one of the kamen riders!"

Ryusei frowned but followed suit when Gentarou went inside. They went to an empty room and sat on the seats.

"The others are on another part. I asked the Owner to let you two have your own since I'm sure Tomoko-chan is tired. Yuki-chan and Kengo will join you here later!" Gentarou smiled as he stood up and went to the door. "Make sure Tomoko-chan would rest, okay?"

"Of course." He answered.

About five minutes later, Tomoko was fetched by Ryusei just as she was about to fall. She was obviously dizzy. He held on to her hand, and easily crouched to carry her bridal style.

She smiled sleepily. "This is just like with the Virgo incident." She laughed.

"Sshhh." He smiled as well as he started walking towards the train. "Sleep now. I'll wake you up when we're at the party."

"Yeees~" She closed her eyes obediently and was asleep in a matter of seconds.

He smiled fondly at her as they walked inside. He placed her on the seat, and cushioned her head on his lap. "Sleep well, Tomoko-chan."


At the distant future, in the Enetron Management Center, they were all getting ready for Christmas. It was definitely the bitter sweet event of each year for them. It signals both hope and despair for them. As they are, of course they choose to think about the good things about Christmas.

But of course, there are just some things you cannot help but think about.

Hiromu was extremely giddy, to an unnatural level, as he wore his Santa Claus costume and planned what he would do for the Christmas Party. "I'll read them a story and then for the finale, I'll juggle!"

Yoko watched as he ran from one side to another, looking through the toys that they would give out the orphans tomorrow. "As expected of a Street Performer Club member, ne?" She sighed.

Shiki frowned, distaste obvious on her face. "Oi Hiromu, you look like an idiot."

"Nothing can break my mood, Shiki-sama." He easily shot back, grinning as he took some plastic balls from the box and juggled them around.

She sighed, finding no energy to talk to such a hyper Hiromu.

After all the preparations, all that was needed was for them to sleep and go there early tomorrow. "Good night." Yoko yawned as she walked out of the room. Ryuuji and the others followed suit.

"Aren't you sleeping?" Hiromu asked, taking off his white beard and his hat as he sat in front of her.

"I have a different sleep cycle than most." She answered immediately, typing on her laptop and not looking at him.

"Ah~" He nodded, a look of comprehension appearing on his face. "It's a hacker thing, isn't it?"

She shrugged. "Mostly."

"Oh then-"

Before he could say anything else, a sound was heard from outside the room. It sounded like a train coming to a stop. Hiromu immediately sprung into action, afraid that the metaroids might have invaded their headquarters. Shiki stood up and closed her laptop, following closely as Hiromu opened the door. What they saw was... a vast surreal place with a large train in front of their door.

"What?!" Both of their eyes were wide and they both gaped at it.

The other door of the room opened, revealing the other EMC people wearing their pajamas. Yoko was even clutching a pillow under her arm. Even Morishita and Nakamura were with them. Upon seeing the train, they all ran to Hiromu's side and stared as well.

"What's that?"

"A Megazord?"

"There wasn't any megazord reading and the alarm didn't sound!"

There was another sound as someone arrived from behind them. Chief Kuroki didn't look surprised at all as he walked to their side. "Looks like your ride has arrived." He says as a matter-of-factly. "This train will bring you years earlier to-"

Hiromu's eyes widened. "Can we stop Messiah from appearing through a time machine?"

"No." Kuroki shook his head sadly. "This is just an invitation from a kamen rider, the ones you met during that invasion."

"Invitation? What the hell does that mean, Kurorin?" Shiki raised an eyebrow. If a time travelling train would be here, shouldn't they use this chance to fix the past?

"We can't change the past. You'll be going to a party arranged by the Kamen Riders, and there you can ask for help for our last fight with Messiah." Kuroki explained.

"PARTY?" Yoko yelled. "We're going to a party to ask for help from people we barely know? IN A TIME TRAVELLING TRAIN?"

"Calm down, Yoko-chan." Kuroki said, placing a hand on her arm.

"Calm down?" Ryuuji looked pretty worried. "I don't think it's something we can face calmly, really. Are you asking us to just-"

"We'll do it." Hiromu suddenly said.

"Eh?" Both Ryuuji and Yoko stared at him in surprise.

"It would help us, right?" Hiromu knew this was a chance the chief wanted to give them to make sure they win against Messiah. He would not let go of this chance.

Shiki shrugged. "Right. And it would be interesting, wouldn't it?"

Yoko sighed. "I guess so. And it's a party, so it would be fun."

"Let's go then." Hiromu walked forward.

"WAIT!" Yoko crossed her arms and pouted. "At least let us change!"


What they saw was really something they weren't expecting. Monsters (they called themselves 'Imagins') sat alongside people and all kinds of people were there. There were numerous people who greeted them, some they knew from that one big fight with the DaiZangyack, some they only know now. There was one pretty woman who seemed to be the master of the imagins, seeing as they were all abiding by her rules.

Two people walked up to them to welcome them. Gentarou and Eiji.

"Hiromu-kun! Yoko-chan! Ryuuji-san!" Gentarou's smile was wide as he greeted them. They all did the friendship handshake, to the glee of the said boy. "Oh, you must have met Eiji-san already, right?"

Eiji offered his hand. "I'm Hino Eiji, Kamen Rider OOO"

The three bowed down. "Nice to meet you." Being the eldest, Ryuuji introduced the others one by one. "These are Nakamura-san, Shiki-chan and Morishita-san, our data analysts and head of our mechanics."

"Oh~" Eiji smiled at them and shook their hands. "Then they're like Gotou-chan and Satonaka-san." He pointed towards the back where two people were silently doing some sort of paper works. "He's Kamen Rider Birth, and she's his partner. They are great with data analysis and those things."

Shiki grinned. "Looks cool."

"You're an analyst already at such a young age? That's pretty cool too," Eiji commented, honesty and admiration obvious on his face.

Gentarou nodded, agreeing.

Hiromu, catching her embarrassed expression, frowned and looked away. "Don't be too flattered."

"Shut up, Chicken-kun." She stuck out her tongue. "Nothing can ruin my mood." She smirked as she shot back his words back at him.

As the newcomers sat on their own booth, Naomi took her microphone and spoke on it. "Everyoneeeee~ We'll be arriving at the Milk Dipper in a few minutes. Please check your valuables and make sure not to leave anything on the train. The party will start as soon as everyone is in~!" She smiled at everyone before handing some new coffees to Hiromu and the gang.

"This will be so fun." Eiji said, excitement clear in his voice.

"It will be, ne." Hina smiled as she watched all the passengers. "I'm sure we'll get a lot of friends today."

PART 1 OF 2!!! Uguuuu sorry it isn't long at all ;w; My brain is still dead.
Part 2 will be posted tomorrow o/
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