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Random RL rant and a GV KHR appreciation o/

♥ Most of my classmates are getting weirded out by how studious I've been these past few days. Considering that it's still the start of classes, there's really no need to read too much and stay inside the library for a long time. But as I have decided when I enrolled for this semester, I will be reborn pun intended into a better student for the sake of my recent aim of having my name printed out in a newspaper.

You see, my eldest sister won a prestigious award in her field (Production Design). It was like the Oscars of the Philippines. She just graduated last year, to boot. Most of the winners there are veterans! Then my other sister is an engineer who topped the board exams. They were both acknowledged so fast in their fields. Of course no one is pressuring me to be like them.

I got into a Science High School before, and now in the top university of our country. Compared to other people my age, I have clear goals (being a preschool teacher, building my own preschool, making a charity organization) that I work on. All my grades are either average or above average, a feat that is not really all that common at this point. Now that I'm a third year, a large number of the people who went to university with me are falling out of school.

My sister said no one would pressure me. No one is pressuring me to be like them. No one is asking me to graduate Cum Laude. My parents don't even check my grades (they've been like that since High School, which is why it is never an issue whether I have high grades or not, because they don't look at it anyway). In one perspective, you would say it is because they have complete trust on my abilities. I attained all of these without their pressure. I've always been a free soul.

But on the other hand, it also means that whenever I do get a high grade, whenever I find out that I'm a College Scholar, whenever I get appreciated by my teachers, no one in the family actually congratulates me. Is this the feeling of being under appreciated? Maybe.

Even so, of course I'm thankful that there aren't any pressure on me. I guess I'm just a little bit jealous of my sisters and how my parents are responding to them lately. My second sister told me I might be the only one pressuring myself... Is it really bad though? With no one pressuring me, there's only me left to motivate myself. I don't think that's wrong at all.

I'm not the type to worry about those things though SO I'LL JUST GO AND READ THE NEXT CHAPTER OF KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN o/

Reasons Why I love The ArcoArc
a.) Almost everyone is gathered and we get to have fights in every corner

b.) Hibari being a boss and Fon being his Arcobaleno partner. Interesting, isn't it?

c.) Dino being a teacher and showing all his sexiness rawr

d.) Hibari x Dino moments and flashbacks that make the pairing canon in my mind. (SERIOUSLY. THAT WHIP. THAT TONFA. THEY GOT MARRIED AND PRODUCED AN OFFSPRING. It's like EnmaTsuna's ring wedding lol)

e.) DADDY ISSUES!!!!!!!!!!! (One of the most dramatic, heart-aching issues in KHR. Seriously. It really touches your heart and makes you weak and stuff.) And if you think about it, Tsuna's outlook on his dad has been shown since a long time ago. It's just now that Tsuna is given the chance to really speak out about his feelings. Oh god when he spoke up it broke my heart. And then Iemitsu became the baddest bad of all bad in KHR for me. Parenting issues, he haz them.

f.) The choice of the curse being broken :D Wah. It was just an excuse to show off how handsome and pretty the arcobalenos are, isn't it?! XD I'm glad Amano made that choice though. BECAUSE OMG COLONELLO IS THE HOTTEST PERSON ON EARTH, AND FON IS JUST UNF AND REBORN OMG REBORN NO WORDS CAN EXPLAIN HOW ASDFGHJKL; PERFECT YOUR ADULT FORM IS.

g.) The Eighth Flame. Woah. Just. Woah. One of the best reveals, since it was packed with all kinds of awesome logical explanations. ("Amano made sense! The world is ending!" was the general reaction, which made me love fandom more<3)

h.) Chrome being the most badass person in the universe. 'Nuff said.

I.) TSUNA. EVERYTHING ABOUT TSUNA IN THE LATEST CHAPTERS. His worries, his angst, his longing, everything he was feeling felt so close to my heart. And now he's getting an awesome character development. Shota boss, you have done well <3

What I don't like?
a.) The younger Shouichi and Spanner are of course less awesome and kind of really lame despite being totally adorable and lovable. I JUST REALLY MISS MY TYL!SHOU-CHAN OKAY.

b.) Uni x Gamma being all awkward about the fact that they loved each other in the future. Damnit it's not even the cute type of awkward. It was the tense kind that makes you feel that hey they won't end up together anymore :'( DAMN IT BYAKURAN, EVERYTHING IS STILL YOUR FAULT.

c.) Simon Family being attacked. NOT MY FAMILY YOU BITCHES T~T

Noooooooooooooooooooooow, a live rant while I read the latest chapter

♣ Well, Hi there handsome guy. And yeeees a beautiful quote >///< Shota boss and his all encompassing Sky flame *cough*Hibari'squotecough*
♣ Also interesting Title. I'm curious what it means (but I'm scared!!!)

SERIOUSLY?! He really fell asleep! haha, well it isn't in the game so it's okay. But lol falling asleep on the side of the road is kind of cute Oh and that's Kyoko isn't it?
♣ Ooooh. It is! So adorbs. Are they not the cutest~? /coos. Oh and am I the only one who thinks Kyoko looks like Dino? Or something. HAHA.

ARE YOU GOING TO KISS BECAUSE WHAT They look so close lol. And awww Ryohei, you just level upped from being a random character to an adorable Bro-in-law in my mind /random.

Seriously though. Tsuna! "Not get her involved"?! Is she not involved at this point? Oh well. I guess that's one thing that makes Kyoko easier to talk to, since she just have this vague idea compared to the others. At least she's not Nana-level obliviousness.

AND AWWW THAT LUCKY CHARM. /nostalgia/ He still keeps it in his pocket awww.

♣ Haru x Kyoko otp though. Seriously. They'll be OT3 with Tsuna for life. They're both the caring wives of Shota boss.

♣ Meh. It's Talbot. Mou. As expected. Kawahira still is nowhere? This series would not end until he appears again, for sure.

♣ oh my god Amano is making sense again! Tsuna, your smarter self is more adorableeee.

♣ Isn't Talbot just seriously scary? How old is he, anyway?! I forgot already but gaaah he wins scary runner up award next to the Vindice and Daemon Spade.


♣ It's a series of flashbacks. This whole thing. Ugh.

♣ It was so serious. Tsuna character development o/

...And then Reborn's eyes was focused. WHAT. LOL-ing like crazy with no reason at all. HAHAHA.

♣ Awww. Tsuna's sentiments is making me all sympathetic and sad and awwwww. "You've been telling me to continue my life and do everything I can BUT YOU'VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT YOURSELF DYING FROM THE START?" Huhu he has a point. Tsuna always makes convincing speeches >///< My bby~


♣ oh god Tsuna's character development. I can't- AMANO YOU JUST MADE YOUR GREATEST DECISION YET.

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